NSP043 – Interview: Andrew Roberts

A companion for podcast episode “NSP042 – COVID-19 was just a story”, I spoke to Andrew Roberts, a veteran Melbourne comedian of 15 years who found new purpose when the tyranny of Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdowns struck back in 2020.

Andrew was amongst the first to hit the streets in protest, and was harassed, assaulted and detained by police. He was ostracized by family, friends and much of the comedy community for his views, and banned on social media.

Despite this, Andrew continued to find humor in the situation, and believes the actions of the protesters were instrumental in winning the war against Dan Andrews and tyrannical regime.

Believe what you will about the extreme restrictions inflicted on Melbourne during the COVID-19 pandemic, Andrew’s story is one of principled persistence and courage.

Let’s hear him challenge the narrative.

Or, if you prefer to watch the video version, follow this YouTube link, while it lasts: https://youtu.be/vKlijLvQzog

NSP042 – COVID-19 was just a story

The COVID-19 pandemic majorly affected the entire world.

But now that the data is in, and the pandemic is seemingly in it’s final phase; with the benefit of hindsight, does our global response seem proportionate? Have those of us who had doubts and questions in the midst of an purported global apocalypse been vindicated in the long term?

And do we even care anymore? Pandemic fatigue is real!

But I guess we care just enough to have one last look at it!

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