Narratively Speaking EP007 – The Stories We Tell About Fame

Fame seems to be an almost irresistible attraction for many people. But why do we place value on the attention and adoration of large numbers of people, when almost every story we’re ever told about fame is a negative one?

Let’s examine some of the stories we tell about fame…

Celebs speak on Fame:
Vrillex on Beyonce and her clone:
Requiem for a Dream – The Red Dress:
Jay Dyer – 6 Signs of MK Ultra:
Roseanne on Breaking The Set:
Michael Jackson speaks about Sony:
MK Ultra documents:
CIA Article on MK Ultra:

Narratively Speaking EP006 – The Stories We Tell About Death

Death is one of the fundamental things any self-aware sentient human has to come to grips with. But how do we do that, when all evidence seems to indicate that death is final, and there is nothing beyond?

Of course, that’s where story comes in…

Bill Nye on the Afterlife:
Today Show on Science and the Afterlife:
Sam Parnia on NDEs and Consciousness:
AWARE study results:
Skeptico interviews Sam Parnia:
BBC om Transhumanism – Could we live forever?

Narratively Speaking EP005 – The Stories We Hold Onto

Sometimes we protect our stories against all reason and evidence.

But do we really need the stories that originally inspired positive ideas to be validated? Does having facts debunked make the beliefs that arose from them any less useful?

And what if you can’t let go of a story that’s untrue?

The Book of Life (clip):
Emoto Refuted:
Rice Experiment:
Rice Experiment Busted:
Cancer Healing in China:
Killing Cancer with Sound:

Narratively Speaking EP004 – We Are The Stories We Tell Ourselves

We’ve talked about the stories we consume, the stories we tell others, and how that contributes to the collective consciousness. But what about the stories you tell yourself?

Let’s discuss…

The Stories We Tell Ourselves:

Gentleman Thinker’s take on Determinism:

Libet Experiment:

Libet Experiment explained by Harry Shearer:

Quitting smoking as the cause of cancer:

Cognitive dissonance on quitting:

What is determinism?

Do Libet’s expriments prove Free Will is an Illusion?

The Rational Channel on Cognitive Dissonance:

Tony Robbins – Change your Story:

09 – We are the stories we tell ourselves:

Narratively Speaking EP003 – Narrative Responsibility and Contributing to the Collective Consciousness

Should a storyteller take responsibility for their effect on the collective consciousness? Do we as humans have a responsibility to share our own stories? And in a world with 8 billion people, are our individual voices really all that important?

Let’s discuss…

Memento clip:

Music is story:

Photography is story:

Double-slit test explained:

Jennifer’s body PCL review:

Watchmen PCL Review:

Sam Harris & Andrew Yang on Universal Basic Income:

Narratively Speaking EP002 – Basketball, Consciousness, and the Tragedy of Michael C. Ruppert

Does a story need to be true to affect your consciousness? And if positive thinking can be used to improve focus and performance, what about negative thinking?

Let’s discuss…

Inception Scene – An Idea:

Empathy, Neurochemistry, and the Dramatic Arc:

Basketball experiment:

Your Storytelling Brain:

Collapse Documentary website:

Collapse Trailer:

Jack Martin on the Death of Michael C Ruppert:

Apocalypse Man:

Abby Martin’s Personal Tribute to Investigative Journalist Michael C. Ruppert:

Narratively Speaking EP001 – Putin’s a Maniac, Roseanne’s a Racist and Virtue Signalling for Booty

Today we talk about the narratives surrounding Putin and Russian hacking, Roseanne’s show cancellation and consider the possibility that storytelling is just simple virtue signalling for sexual selection.


Caitlyn goes rogue on story:

Putin seems kinda reasonable:

Roseanne cancelled and it’s really important:

More Roseanne Stuff:

Sam Harris talks with Geoffrey Miller: