NSP038 – Alter Egos as a Tool for Success

Can you use alter-egos to achieve states of high performance? Todd Herman thinks you can, and his ideas seem to cross over with a lot of topics that have come up on Narratively Speaking as we follow this train of thought about story.

Adem Koci from Podcasta Non Grata, once again joins Harv to talk about his use of alter egos in his podcasting, what it means to be creative, and of course a little touch of MK-Ultra mind control conspiracy theory!

Join us – in Adam’s own words it’s a “good’un!”

Episode Links

Podcasta Non Grata #88 – Podcasta Perfecta:

Todd Herman on London Real – The Alter Ego Effect (Short Clip):

Todd Herman on London Real – The Alter Ego Effect (Full Interview Part 1/2):

Beyoncé on Her Alter Ego, Sasha Fierce

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